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Friday, August 21, 2009

Godliness is by putting God in the first position in everything that we do. This does not mean that we only turn to God when we need assistance or when we meet troubles in our work. It also involves thanking God for the other minor blessings that he has shown us. God should be the main person we thank and never ever be forgotten. Godliness can also be shown when we are making decisions. We should pick decisions that are in God's favour. God will pick options that are right and beneficial to us. Therefore, we would never go wrong in the leading by God.
Respect can be demonstrated in many ways, by respecting teachers, seniors and even the cleaners in our school. It should be started by respecting ourselves. Respecting ourselves doesn't mean being egoistic about ourselves. It means to do the right things that are beneficial to ourselves. At times, we are often tempted to choose the bad choices because of the rewards that we will receive in the near future and not think of further future. Respecting ourselves also involves things like not smoking and not taking drugs. Taking drugs and smoking harms our health. So if we were to respect ourselves, we would not take such harmful substances.
All-round excellence
All-round excellence is by striving to do our best in everything that we do. All-round excellence also means that to be good in everything and not just plain academics. We should be morally upright too. Having good results and having no morals does not show all-round excellence. Similarly, plainly having morals without results does not show all-round excellence. Having morals and good academic results are what all-round excellence means and we should all aim to be someone with all-round excellence.
Commitment is close to enthusiasm whereby we put in our best in everything that we do and other works that we are accounted for. An example is projects. Commitment means to finish the project and knowing that we have put in our best to complete the project.
Enthusiasm can be shown anywhere in anything that we do. Camps, class events and school activities. Enthusiasm does not only apply to playing, it also involves having the motivation to do our best in things that are assigned to us. Enthusiasm shown in camps can be like participating in the class cheers and not standing by one side and not talking. This definately doesn't show enthusiasm at all.

self reflection:
I realised that values such as enthusiasm, commitment and respect are easy to uphold. However, values such as godliness and all-round excellence are difficult to hold. At times in life, temptations are inevitable and some takes alot of self-will to be able to resist the temptation. However, no matter what, we should never give up but press on and try to be able to uphold all of these morals.

prayed ;
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lead us to a place
guide us with your grace
to a place where we'll be safe

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